To manage the webroot safe antivirus, firstly user need to make webroot account from mcafee.com/activate and then enter webroot activation code to activate the account. Webroot's installer is tiny, less than 4MB, and it installs in a flash. Immediately on installation, it gets busy with a collection of startup tasks, checking off each one as it finishes.

Among the listed tasks are: scanning for active malware; analyzing installed applications to reduce warnings and prompts; establishing a system baseline; and optimizing performance for your unique system configuration. Even with these added tasks, the process goes quickly.

Steps to Download, Install and Activate webroot safe via mcafee.com/activate

Webroot helps to save your device from online threats like virus attacks, spyware, malware and many more, that might harm the personal as well as the professional data of the users and misuse it.

Webroot has different security software available like: webroot Change Control, webrootSiteAdvisor, and webrootVirusScan. So download Webroot Antivirus, can safeguard multiple devices from all kinds of online threats and malware.

To secure your device First you will have to download the antivirus files on your first device. Installation shall start automatically once the downloading is complete. Visit www.webroot.com/safe you will have to download webroot file. Once the download is complete, you will have to double click on the files at the location where they have been saved to start the installation process.

Activate Webroot from www.webroot.com/safe

After the successful download webroot antivirus process & webroot safe installation, you need to follow the webroot activation process which is done by Entering webroot activation key code. To activate webroot, you need to follow the given steps:

Firstly, visit to www.webroot.com/safe & Click on online activation of webroot subscription. You need to enter a valid 20 digit Webroot install key code & click on activate button. Once the activation code is submitted successfully, the webroot software will be activated. After the webroot activation, you will be able to scan your device.

Where to get Webroot Key code?

Webroot install key code is a 20 digit alphanumeric code which is used to activate webroot secureanywhere. Webroot key code looks like: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

You can get the webrootacxtivation code on the backside of the retail card or if you have purchased it online, 5then you will get it on the email address.

How to Find WebrootSecureAnywherekeycode for Windows PC?

Open the main interface.
Click My Account.
A window opens with your keycode and subscription information.

How to Find WebrootSecureAnywherekeycode for MAC?

Open the webroot software.
From the main window, click My Account.
A window opens with your keycode and subscription information.

System Requirements for the Installation of Webroot Internet Security:

• Minimum 128 MB of RAM to install webroot.
• Minimum 10 MB of Hard disk space should be available in your device.
• Good internet connection or Wi-Fi connection to activate webroot secureanywhere.
• Fully Compatible browsers- Google Chrome, internet explorer (new version), Mozilla Firefox, Opera
• Partially compatible browser- Microsoft Edge.
• Processor- AMDK6/Athlon/Duron family, or, Intel Pentium/Celeron family or other compatible processors.

Features added in Webroot internet security:

• The program successfully identifies theft protection & webcam protection.
• In the time span of 20 seconds, without any freezing the program completes all the necessary scans hence you get lightning fast scans.
• The application also provides password and login protection.
• Minimal pop-ups and notifications.
• There will be no time-consuming updates.
• Webroot interface is very User-friendly.